It is our belief that every Christian ought to be a member of a Bible-believing church. Anyone may attend our services at Ball Road Baptist Church, but becoming a member comes with a bit more responsibility. By joining the church, you are stating that you agree with and desire to associate yourself with our beliefs and practices. In addition, membership means that you desire to serve the Lord through the ministries of Ball Road Baptist Church, including faithfulness to the weekly services and other functions. In order to become a member, you must first speak with our pastor so that he can answer any questions you might have and pray with you about this important decision. Then you must attend one of our weekly services so that the church may vote on accepting your membership. Obviously, membership is not a requirement for anyone to attend our services, but we do encourage it. If you have determined that the Lord has lead you to join Ball Road Baptist Church, there are 3 simple ways we accept new members:

1. Believer’s Baptism

If you have believed on Jesus Christ as your Savior, you should also be baptized by immersion in water— not sprinkled with water. Baptism does not save anyone, nor does it complete salvation in any way. Baptism simply displays an obedience to Jesus Christ and testifies to others that you have been born again. If you are saved, but have never followed the Lord in baptism after your salvation, then you would join the church by baptism.

2. A Letter from a Church of Like-Faith

If you have been saved and baptized by immersion as a member of a different Bible-believing church, then you may simply join by a letter from that church. This letter basically states that you have been a church member of good standing and reputation. Upon receiving this letter, you could then become a new member of Ball Road Baptist Church.

3. A Statement of Faith

Perhaps the church where you used to be a member is no longer in existence. Maybe they were once a Bible-believing church that has since gone astray. If that is the case, we can also accept you as a member by a Statement of Faith. You would simply need to testify that Christ has saved you and you have been scripturally baptized by a church of like faith.


If you have any questions regarding Church Membership, please speak to the pastor after any of our services or visit our Contact Us page to email our pastor. Thank you for your interest in Ball Road Baptist Church!