1.  Spend time with the Lord every day of the week through prayer & Bible study
2.  Seek to obey God’s word each day
3.  Attend your church’s midweek service and any other ministries
4.  Listen to Biblical, Christ-honoring preaching & singing throughout the week
5.  Prepare your clothes and other necessities on Saturday night, so you won’t be rushed on Sunday morning
6.  Go to bed early on Saturday night so you’re rested on Sunday
7.  Take your Bible to church with you and follow along during the preaching
8.  Get to church early & find a place near the front
9.  Turn off your cell phone or, better yet, leave it in the car
10.  Be friendly and encouraging to others– smile, shake their hand, ask them how they’re doing
11.  Participate in the congregational singing, even if you’re not a good singer
12.  Give sacrificially
13.  Listen and respond to the message (taking notes can help)
14.  Don’t make “time-sensitive” plans on Sunday– you cannot be fully invested in the Lord’s message if you’re worried about being late to the meeting, movie, ball game, etc.
15.  Spend Sunday afternoon meditating on the morning message
Bonus:  Go back and do it again on Sunday night!