Sermons from December 2016

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A Truly Awful Day


Sunday morning, December 11, 2016. Esther Chapter 7. What it must have been like to be Haman – to have told everyone how respected you were in the kingdom, that you would be honored by the king, and by the end of the day to be hanging by the same gallows you had made.

Responding to God’s Word


Wednesday evening, November 30, 2016. The Bible is a mirror that shows us what we really look like. People stop listening to the Word of God because they do not like what it reveals about them.

Speaking the Word of God with Boldness


Sunday morning, December 4, 2016. We were excited to have the Sullivan Family with us this morning and hear about their calling to South Africa. Brother Josh Sullivan delivered today’s message from Acts Chapter 3-4. As individual Christians, we are able to speak God’s Word with boldness.