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Sunday School Series – Acts


Sunday School – June 2017 (Coming Soon) Sunday School – August 2017 8-13-2017 – 8-20-2017 (Missing) Sunday School – September 2017 9-3-2017 (Missing) 9-17-2017 (Missing) Sunday School – December 2017 12-3-2017 – 12-24-2017 (Missing) Sunday School – January 2018 1-14-2018 (Missing)   Sunday School – February 2018 2-4-2018 – 2-11-2018 (Missing)

A Missions-Minded Church


Sunday morning, January 1, 2017. Acts 1:7:9. I believe every one of us aught to be a missionary for the Lord Jesus Christ, and if we are going to be a missions-minded church, each individual believer must determine that they are actively going to take part in the mission that the Lord has given to us.

Speaking the Word of God with Boldness


Sunday morning, December 4, 2016. We were excited to have the Sullivan Family with us this morning and hear about their calling to South Africa. Brother Josh Sullivan delivered today’s message from Acts Chapter 3-4. As individual Christians, we are able to speak God’s Word with boldness.