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A Missions-Minded Church


Sunday morning, January 1, 2017. Acts 1:7:9. I believe every one of us aught to be a missionary for the Lord Jesus Christ, and if we are going to be a missions-minded church, each individual believer must determine that they are actively going to take part in the mission that the Lord has given to us.

Why I Can’t Come Down


Sunday evening, November 20, 2016. Though the world would seek to discomfort, discourage, and distract us, we are doing a great work and cannot come down!

If the Rapture Was Tonight


Sunday evening, October 2, 2016. The rapture of the Church is a Bible doctrine. It is a scriptural doctrine. Jesus Christ is coming back to this earth. Tonight, I want to consider if the rapture was tonight.

Spreading the Word


Sunday evening, August 28, 2016. Just as the rain covers the roads and fields, we aught to be saturating this world with the Gospel message.

Addicted to the Ministry

A photo by Ben White.

August 19, 2016. In this convicting and inspiring message beginning in 1 Corinthians 16:15, Pastor Morgan Lester illustrates the method of addiction and the joy that comes from being addicted to the ministry of the Lord.