Sermons from November 2016

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Our Becoming Priest


Sunday morning, November 27, 2016. Jesus Christ is becoming to us because he seeks to save every man, woman, and child on this earth.

Why I Can’t Come Down


Sunday evening, November 20, 2016. Though the world would seek to discomfort, discourage, and distract us, we are doing a great work and cannot come down!

The Thanksgiving of Jesus


Sunday morning, November 20, 2016. Jesus Christ is just as much God as God the Father, just as much God as God the Holy Ghost, and just as much man as you and me. Jesus, as God manifest in the flesh, was able to give thanks unto God.

Christians and the Jewish People


Wednesday evening, November 9, 2016. What Paul is describing here, under inspiration of God, is the relationship that you and I, as God’s spiritual people, should have with God’s earthly people – the Jews.

My Hope Come Wednesday


Sunday morning, November 6, 2016. I can have the same peace in my heart and joy deep down in my soul on Wednesday morning, no matter who gets elected, because of the hope I have in the Lord.