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Our Becoming Priest


Sunday morning, November 27, 2016. Jesus Christ is becoming to us because he seeks to save every man, woman, and child on this earth.

Good Riddance


In Revelation Chapter 21, John begins by telling us all the great things that will be present in eternity. Then he turns his focus on what won’t be in the eternity of a believer. One day, we are going to stand on the edge of eternity and say, “Good Riddance,” to all those things.

Christ’s Prayer for the Believer


Sunday evening, September 25, 2016. Christ, above all men, did not have the need of prayer. And yet you find him time and time again kneeling in prayer. All the more, we aught to follow the example of Jesus in our prayer lives.

Learning from God’s Grace


Sunday evening, September 11, 2016. We all deserve to spend eternity in Hell…yet God’s grace goes even further. Mercy is not giving you what you do deserve. Grace is giving you what you don’t deserve.