Life of Christ

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Our Prophet, Our Priest, Our King


Homecoming 2017. We were blessed to have Brother Bobby Stewart with us for our Homecoming celebration. Bro. Stewart presented information regarding his ministry followed by a message that entreated us that we no longer spurn the opportunity to make Jesus our prophet, our priest, and our king.

The Thanksgiving of Jesus


Sunday morning, November 20, 2016. Jesus Christ is just as much God as God the Father, just as much God as God the Holy Ghost, and just as much man as you and me. Jesus, as God manifest in the flesh, was able to give thanks unto God.

Christ’s Prayer for the Believer


Sunday evening, September 25, 2016. Christ, above all men, did not have the need of prayer. And yet you find him time and time again kneeling in prayer. All the more, we aught to follow the example of Jesus in our prayer lives.

Jesus Christ, Better than the Angels


Sunday evening, August 21, 2016. It is easy to see why a man might have been tempted to worship an angel. To one who does not know the Lord Jesus Christ as their Savior, these beings are the most powerful and glorious creatures that they read about in the word of God. And yet, we know better!